Thoughtfully Chosen Ingredients

As the founders of natural nutrition, we’re dedicated to using the best, all-natural ingredients. We know 
consumers like you want a list of ingredients that you can read, which is exactly why we created TruFood.

We’ve also heard from consumers that they want to understand what these ingredients do and why they’re beneficial. 
Each ingredient we choose has a functional benefit. We didn’t just throw in a bunch of fruit and veggies because it looks nice. 
We carefully and thoughtfully choose each ingredient.

Help your pup live a happy, healthier life by feeding ingredients that help them:

Support a gorgeous coat & healthy skin

Support a 
gorgeous coat & 
healthy skin

Develop a strong immune system

Develop a 
strong immune 

Maintain healthy teeth and gums

healthy teeth 
and gums

Maintain a healthy weight

a healthy 

Supportproper digestion


Here's What You’ll Find In Every Batch of Trufood

Eggs help to support a shiny coat and healthy skin because they are rich in protein and biotin, and contain linoleic acid.

Cranberries are low in calories and high in vitamin C, fiber, and potassium to support a healthy immune system and help maintain a healthy weight.

Flaxseed  is incredible. Where do we being? Rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, flaxseed supports healthy skin and a shiny coat, and as well support healthy joints, the immune system and the digestive system.

Celery helps to support the digestive systems because it’s a good source of zinc and fiber.

Kelp, is a high fiber to help maintain a healthy weight and is chlorophyll rich food to support oral health.

Check out the full list of functionally beneficial ingredients in each of our recipes.

Check Out the Full List of Functionally Beneficial Ingredients in Each of Our Recipes


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