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How It’s Made

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

TruFood is made with high-quality, lean poultry and meat and farm fresh fruits and vegetables loaded with the necessary minerals and vitamins to support your pup’s total wellbeing. But how is it actually
  Well, we’re glad you asked!

We recently designed our Minnesota based commercial kitchen from the ground up to incorporate the latest advances in food safety. In doing so, we invested in state-of-the-art technology that uses a high-pressure process to make food that is shelf stable and safe while maintaining all the essential nutrients your pup needs to thrive

Here’s What You’ll Find In Every Batch of Trufood

Eggs are great for you pup’s coat and skin because they are rich in protein and contain linoleic acid and Vitamin A.

Cranberries are also great for their goat and skin because they are rich in Vitamin A.

Flaxseeds are incredible. Where do we being? Rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, flaxseeds are great for skin and coat. Also know for anti-inflammatory properties, flaxseeds support healthy joints, the immune system and the digestive system.

Celery, also great for the digestive systems because it’s a good source of zinc and fiber.

Kelp, another wonder ingredient that does so much! A natural source of amnio acids, vitamins and minerals, and fiber kelp supports metabolism to help maintain weight, reduces inflammation and itching, aids digestion, and can even reduce tarter and plaque buildup.

Here’s How We Do It...


First, we take the highest
quality, lean poultry and meat
and put it through something
called high-pressure processing.

This is what kills off all the bad stuff and makes the meat/poultry safe to handle and feed!


Next, we take the meat and
poultry, which is frozen, place
it in a vacuum sealed chamber
and very slowly (over 24
hours!) add heat.

This takes the frozen water that was in the meat/poultry and turns it into vapor (skipping the liquid state). Ah ha! It went from frozen to dry! Get it?! Freeze-Dried!


Finally, with all the moisture
removed we take the
freeze-dried meat/poultry and
gently mix it with farm-fresh
and functionally beneficial
fruits and vegetables.

This ensures your pup has a super-nutritious, mouth-watering, complete & balanced food to help him thrive!

No fillers, preservatives,
or artificial ingredients

Made in the USA
with natural ingredients

Gently and slowly heated to
preserve flavor and nutrients