Your dog's wellbeing starts from within
  • Your dog's wellbeing starts from within
Customized  to your  pup’s needs

to your
dog’s needs

Delivered  to your  door

to your 

Made with natural  ingredients in  the USA

Made with natural 
ingredients in 
the USA

100%  recycle-ready  packaging


Prepare, To Show Your Love

Freeze-dried at peak freshness means the most nutrients for your pet.

Pantry Loading Perfection

Pantry Loading Perfection

Personalize Your Plan

Ingredients Explained!

At TruFood, we make sure that you can read our ingredient list and clearly understand the benefits of those ingredients for your dog!

This is why we love our Ingredients Explained section of each TruFood recipe.

Build a healthy immune system

Support a healthy immune system

Develop a gorgeous coat and healthy skin

Develop a gorgeous coat & healthy skin

Protect teeth  and gums

Maintain healthy
teeth & gums

Maintain a  healthy weight

Maintain a 
healthy weight

Properly  digest food

Support proper digestion

And, live a happy, healthier life!

And, live a happy, healthier life!

Make the Earth A Better Place

Created with sustainability in mind.